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Access the complete evidence-based Mindfulness-integrated cognitive therapy (MiCBT) program used by therapists worldwide.

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Progress Tracker

Track your progress with the app.

The MiCBT Guide provides users with the tools and support to develop new adaptive coping skills, and become aware of their thoughts and feelings in order to make lasting changes in their lives. It is based on evidence-based cognitive-behavioral principles, which research has shown to be effective for managing a variety of psychological challenges. The program includes interactive exercises and activities that help users learn new strategies for dealing with anxiety, depression, stress, relationship issues, self-esteem concerns, setbacks or adversity.

With the MiCBT Guide, users can gain insight into their behaviours and generate lasting positive change

Smart NotificationS

Never miss your meditation session.

Create meditation reminders that fit into your lifestyle. With the MiCBT Guide’s customised reminders, you can choose when you’d like to be notified to meditate each day.

Goal setting

Set and review goals to measure your progress. Following through with these goals will help you stay on track and become more mindful in the long term

Video support

Step-by-step video guidance from Dr Bruno Cayoun, clinical psychologist and principal developer of Mindfulness-integrated CBT

View your progress

Track your progress with 8 industry-standard assessment tools . The assessment tools are designed to measure your progress over time.

Customise Timers

Create your own meditation timers with a choice of authentic Tibetan, Burmese or Nepali bowls and bells.

Personalised Reminder Settings

Set your own daily meditation reminders with just a few taps on your phone

Weekly readings and guided meditations

Readings and guided meditations to assist you through each step of the program

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