How do I get started with the app?

MiCBT is a 4-stage program designed to teach you 10 sets of skills that will improve your well-being. While you can expect to spend about a week on each step, please take longer if needed.

Each step is represented by a circled number on the Home Page, with Stage 1 comprising 4 steps, and the other stages containing 2 steps each. It’s essential to complete the previous step before moving to the next one.

To start:

  1. Tap Home on the main menu, navigate to Stage 1: Personal Stage, and tap 1 (Committing to Self-Care).
  2. Set your goals by tapping Start. Read the instructions and tap the + icon to add your goals. These goals will help us review your progress later, so take the time to set them up carefully.
  3. Watch the video introduction with Dr Cayoun
  4. The Readings section contains instructions to guide you through the home practice for each step. You can listen to the audio version of the readings if you prefer. We recommend completing all the readings before listening to the guided meditations for all steps.
  5. To access the guided meditations for each step, go to the Meditation section. Complete the meditations in the order suggested, as each method is a stepping stone to the next.
  6. The Assessments section has 4 questionnaires to help you measure your progress and assess your emotional balance, mindfulness skills, and life satisfaction. You will do this again in Step 10 to see your progress. You can also take intermediate measurements around Step 5 or Step 6.
  7. Log your meditation practice in the Practice Diary by tapping Log my Practice.
  8. It can be helpful, especially when starting out, to set some practice reminders. Go to More > Settings > My Reminders to set them up.

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