How do I use the Interoceptive Awareness Indicator (IAI)?

The Interoceptive Awareness Indicator (IAI) is a tool that helps you assess your ability to feel body sensations during mindfulness practices like body scanning (Vipassana).

  1. To use the IAI, colour in all the areas of the body shape where you feel any body sensations during body scanning. Be sure to colour in accurately and avoid leaving out any areas where you experience sensations.
    If you want to increase the brush size, you can use the brush icon on the left and drag the slider to the right to increase its size.
  2. Once you have finished colouring in the front of the body shape, tap the right arrow at the top of the page to move on to the back.
  3. When you’re done, tap Done to see your results.

The IAI calculates the percentage of interoceptive awareness for each measurement and over time.

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