How do I use the MISS?

The Mindfulness-based Interoceptive Signature Scale (MISS) is a tool that helps you assess your ability to identify and cope with body sensations during distressing experiences.

  1. To use it, start by recording the sensations you feel in your body during or soon after an intense experience. You can do this by sliding the orange dot on each horizontal line according to how you feel.
    For example, if you feel angry, try to identify if it feels heavy or light, hot or cold, if there are movements (such as shakiness), and if it feels tight or loose. These indicators are indicated at the top of the chart for each scale.
  2. Once you have recorded your sensations, rate how intense they feel by sliding the orange dot on the Intensity Before scale.
  3. After that, tap Start Timer and focus on the intense body sensation for 30 seconds, without reacting and with acceptance.
  4. After the 30 seconds are up, re-record your body sensations and rate them again on the four horizontal lines by sliding the blue dots.
  5. Re-rate the intensity by sliding the blue dot on the Intensity After.
  6. When you’re done, tap Save to save your results.

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