What do the 6 subscales mean?

The MSES-R is a tool that measures the skills developed by individuals across six different life domains as a result of mindfulness practice. The tool is designed to assess one’s confidence in achieving the original purpose of mindfulness, which is to reduce suffering. 

The MSES-R has six subscales to measure specific skills that people develop through mindfulness practice:

The first subscale is Emotion Regulation, which measures an individual’s ability to control their involuntary or subconscious emotional response.

The second subscale is Equanimity, which measures the ability to accept challenging experiences without reacting.

The third subscale is Social Skills, which measures an individual’s abilities in the broad sphere of interactions with others.

The fourth subscale is Distress Tolerance, which measures the ability to prevent avoidance and tolerate discomfort.

The fifth subscale is Taking Responsibility, which measures the clarity of personal boundaries and the ability to take responsibility for one’s experiences.

The final subscale is Interpersonal Effectiveness, which measures the ability to connect intimately with others.

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