How do I create a meditation timer?

If you prefer to meditate in silence or want to set a specific duration for your meditation session, you can use timers to help you keep track of time. To create a timer, follow these steps:

  1. Go to More > My Timers
  2. Tap the + icon
  3. Enter a name for your timer
  4. Use the slider to set the duration of your timer
  5. Choose whether you want to play a bell sound at the start of your session by selecting Yes or No
  6. If you want to play a bell sound, choose the sound you prefer

If you want to set up interval bells to keep track of your session, tap the Create Optional Interval Bells button. For example, you might want a bell sound to play 10 minutes after your meditation session has started or 10 minutes before it ends.

  1. To set up an interval bell, select 1st, use the slider to set the time for the interval bell, choose a bell sound, and then save your timer
  2. Repeat the above step to set up additional interval bells as needed

That’s it! Using timers can be a helpful way to support your meditation practice and keep yourself on track.

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